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Source: Salles de Pologne | Betreiber: Hotel Michaelis GmbH    

Address Conference

Leipziger Foren - Tagungszentrum - 5. Etage
Hainstr. 16
04109 Leipzig

Please note: For entrance to the building please ring the bell for the 5th floor „Veranstaltungsgäste“.


Address Opening Ceremony
Salles de Pologne
Hainstr. 18
04109 Leipzig

The historic building was restored in accordance with best conservation practice in 2011-2014, and that set the basis for a direct reconnection to the building’s vibrant heyday of the 19th century. The highlight is once again the two painstakingly restored ballrooms, which Michaelis has named "Salles de Pologne” in honour of the building’s history.

Source: Michaelis Leipzig