Poster Session IV


IV-1 Simultaneous quantification of oxysterols and bile acids in human plasma by liquid chromatography electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry Madlen Sander (Germany)
IV-2 Selective triacylglycerol suppression in complex (phospho)lipid mixtures by CsCl addition Yulia Popkova (Germany)
IV-3 Novel lipid mediators – FAHFA
Branched-Chain fatty acid esters of hydroxy fatty acids 
Marie Brezinova (Czech Republic)
IV-4 LipidOmics view on metabolic disorders Maria Fedorova (Germany)
IV-5 Assessment of influencing factors on apolipoprotein quantitation via a semi‑automated LC-MS/MS assay Julia Dittrich (Germany)
IV-6 Lipid metabolism of ovarian cancer – novel perspectives for diagnostics and therapy by DESI-MSI Maria Luisa Doria (United Kingdom)
IV-7 The extraordinary lipid composition of kangaroo spermatozoa Kathrin M. Engel (Germany)
IV-8 The limitation and inaccuracy of the recommended mean conversion factor 2.4 to calculate Lp(a) values from mg/dL to nmol/L Matthias Grimmler (Germany)