Poster Session III


III-1 Functional characterization of two genetic variants identified in the leptin receptor (LEPR) gene in a patient with morbid obesity Franziska Voigtmann (Germany)
III-2 DEHP effects on adipogenesis and inflammation in SGBS derived adipocytes Kristina Schaedlich (Germany)
III-3 Investigating the role of FPR2/ALX pathway  in regulating Lipid Metabolism and Adipogenesis  Sehar Sajid (United Kingdom)
III-4 Depletion of Jmjd1c impairs adipogenesis in murine 3T3-L1 cells Florian Bürger (Germany)
III-5 COBL, MYOC and MKX are potential regulators of brown adipose tissue in vitro Sarah Abdul Majeed (Germany)
III-6 Dispensable role for PPARalpha in cold-induced browning Merel Defour (Netherlands)
III-7 Influence of ascorbic acid, serum lipids and acetic acid on the adipogenic potential of bovineadipose stem cells Sandra Jurek (Germany)
III-8 BFH12 as a possible model for hepatosteatosis in dairy cows Kristin Herzog (Germany)
III-9 Characterization of subcutaneous stromal vascular fraction cells from a patient with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome Antje Körner (Germany)
III-10 Role of Trypanosoma brucei Lipin in lipid metabolism  Ladan  Dawoody (Switzerland)
III-11 Two novel mammalian proteins involved in intracellular cholesterol transport: SIDT1 and SIDT2 Kevin Manuel Méndez-Acevedo (Mexico)